Zine Works

Design your own zine, duplicate it on our copy machine and pass it out to new friends all around Coachella’s campgrounds. Zine Work’s space will be an interchangeable mix of various elements: ongoing discussions about what zines are; reading and informally talking about zines that we love (from a zine library of our favorites that we will have on display); group and one-on-one instruction on creative techniques and approaches to writing/ drawing/making/cut-and-pasting content; and hands-on training and collaborative activities about the construction, materials, cost, and process of creating zines. It will be common ground for conversation and a workspace where people will be able to learn how to create a very inexpensive vehicle to share their ideas and art with other people! Participants will leave with either a mini-zine (an origami-like creation using a single sheet of paper, where there are 8 pages and the original can be photocopied on just one side—magic!) or having created a page for a collaborative zine, which we will put together, copy, and post online after the festival.

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